Unlock your Nanomole

Unlock your Nanomole

How do we as humans know if a Nanomole exist in our brains today?  Maybe its there but we can't detect them yet with our current technology.  Its there hiding in our brain cells, waiting and recording everything.  Learning about it is the best way to unlocking it.

What is a Nanomole in the Bialien trilogy?

Nanomoles – Are encoded particles sent to Earth over 100,000 years ago by the Darclonians. They sit hidden in the brain and Neuron cells of humans. They reproduce in intelligent life from generation to generation, recording everything.

A Nanomole has three stages:

1.  Negative - Mole is semi-hibernating and is recording and saving detailed information on the host.

2.  Neutral – When the mother ship sends a high power signal to Earth to activate each nanomole in the brain. An 84 hour countdown begins. Humans               go unconscious for thirty seconds before waking up, and go back into the negative stage. Some humans randomly go in and out of the neutral                       stage. The nanomole is expanding and preparing the neurons, axons and chemical messages in the brain to completely take over the human                       host.

  1. Positive – HBH – Hijacked Brain Humans – The nanomole takes control of a human body and walks to upload areas. Bioparasites (Darclonians in microbes) merge with the nanomole and the humans become DHWs.

* Humans are able to see, feel and hear everything around them, but can’t control their own bodies and are prisoners.


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